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Installation of Electrical Switchgears

At CASCADE TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for electrical systems. Our services encompass the design, supply, and installation of a wide array of components, including Main LV Panels, MDBs up to 2500A, SMDBs, CBs, AHFs, MCCs, ATS Panels, DBs, and Consumer Units equipped with KWH meters. We also specialize in onsite modification of existing panels, ensuring they align with evolving requirements, and providing re-commissioning services for optimal functionality. With our expertise spanning a diverse range of electrical components, we are well-equipped to meet the unique and varied needs of our clients.

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Power Cabling


CASCADE TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC excels in supplying and installing main and sub-main cabling, originating from transformers. We also specialize in electrical main and sub-main panels, ensuring impeccable termination at their respective points, facilitating reliable and efficient electrical connections. With our expertise in cabling and panel installations, we seamlessly integrate these critical components into electrical systems. Our unwavering commitment to precision and quality ensures meticulous execution of cabling and panel terminations, meeting the highest standards of safety and performance. Rely on us to deliver elegant, robust, and dependable electrical installations for your projects.


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Busbar Riser System


We specializes in the supply and installation of various ratings of Busduct, including 800A, 1200A, 1500A, 2000A, and 2500A. Our expertise extends to multi-story buildings and multi-level shopping malls, where we seamlessly integrate Busduct systems. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure the precise installation of Busduct, optimizing electrical distribution within the complex infrastructure of these facilities. Our team is well-versed in the unique challenges posed by such environments and possesses the knowledge and experience to deliver reliable and efficient Busduct solutions. Trust us to provide customized and effective Busduct installations that meet the specific requirements of your multi-story buildings and multi-level shopping malls.


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Cable Management system


We specializes in the installation of various containment systems for electrical cable distribution. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of options, including cable ladders, cable trays, covering solutions for cable trays, single and multi-compartment GI/PVC cable trunking, underfloor and flush floor multi-compartment trunking, and floor boxes with provisions for normal power, UPS power, and voice data outlets. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure the precise installation of these containment systems, optimizing cable management and distribution. Our team is well-versed in the specific requirements of different environments and can tailor solutions to meet the needs of your project. Count on us to provide efficient and reliable containment installations for effective electrical cable distribution.


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UPS and Server Room Services


Our team possesses extensive expertise in installing essential components for server rooms. This includes power outlets, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and electrical distribution systems with bypass functionality. We also handle power provisioning for server racks, implement leak detection systems, integrate energy monitoring systems, install fire suppression systems, and deploy dedicated closed control units. With our proficiency in these areas, we ensure reliable and secure operations for your server room environment.


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Our lighting system designs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each application. We employ galvanized metal conduits or PVC conduits for effective conduiting. Wiring is done using single-core PVC or LSF wires, and for specialized needs like external lights, street lighting, or industrial lighting, we utilize armored cables. We incorporate conventional switching methods as well as advanced lighting control systems using PIR or photo sensors. Additionally, we enable control dimming through various communication protocols. Our comprehensive approach ensures a reliable and efficient lighting system that aligns with your specific needs, providing enhanced functionality and energy efficiency.


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Small Power System


We install electrical sockets, isolators for both electrical and mechanical equipment, and weatherproof (W/P) sockets along with the necessary cabling. Additionally, we handle control cabling for various systems, ensuring seamless communication and control between different equipment and devices. Our expertise covers the installation and integration of these essential components for optimal functionality and safety.

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Earthing & Lightning Protection


We provide comprehensive grounding solutions, including conventional earthing, structural earthing, equipotential bonding, and Faraday’s cage lightning protection systems. Additionally, we offer dedicated earthing solutions specifically designed for IT/Communication systems. Our expertise ensures proper grounding and protection against electrical hazards, interference, and lightning strikes.


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Testing & Commissioning

At the core of our installation work, we prioritize the electrical testing phase. We employ state-of-the-art testing equipment and meters that undergo regular calibration by authorized agencies. Our comprehensive electrical testing includes:

I. Insulation Resistance: We measure the insulation resistance of electrical circuits to ensure proper insulation and prevent leakage.

II. Continuity Test: We perform continuity tests to verify the integrity of electrical connections and ensure uninterrupted flow of current.

III. ELCB Test: We test Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB) to ensure their proper functioning and effectiveness in detecting and interrupting leakage currents.

IV. Earth Resistance Test: We measure the earth resistance to evaluate the effectiveness of the grounding system and ensure safe electrical operation.

By utilizing advanced testing equipment and following stringent procedures, we ensure that all electrical tests are conducted accurately and reliably, guaranteeing the safety and functionality of the installed systems.

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DEWA/Etisalat/Du/Civil Defense /DSOA/JAFZA Approvals


We understand the importance of obtaining necessary approvals from statutory authorities, and we handle all the required processes diligently. In terms of plumbing and drainage, our services encompass various areas:

  • Plumbing, Soil, and Waste Systems: We install efficient plumbing systems for proper disposal of waste and wastewater.
  • Sanitary Ware Installation: We handle the installation of sanitary fixtures and fittings to ensure functional and hygienic facilities.
  • Hot and Cold Water Installation: Our team sets up reliable systems for the distribution of hot and cold water, meeting specific requirements.
  • Domestic and Industrial Water Pump Systems: We design and install water pump systems tailored to domestic and industrial needs.
  • Stormwater and Rainwater Drainage Systems: We create effective drainage systems to handle stormwater and rainwater efficiently.
  • Grease Trap and Grease Separator Systems: We install specialized systems for commercial and industrial kitchens to separate and manage grease effectively.
  • Compressed Air Pipework System: We design and implement compressed air pipework systems to facilitate various applications.
  • Domestic Water Chlorination Systems: Our expertise extends to the installation and commissioning of domestic water chlorination systems for safe and clean water supply.
  • We ensure thorough testing and commissioning of all these systems to guarantee their functionality, efficiency, and compliance with standards and regulations.

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Air Conditioning and Ventilation Installation


We are specialized in the installation of all air conditioning equipment such as central chiller plants, Heat exchangers, air handling units, fan coil units, chilled water pumps, package air systems, split air systems and close control units for special applications. The ducting for all the equipment’s is using GI or Pre insulated sheets according to the client/consultant requirement and as per the relevant industry standards. The associated chilled water piping, refrigerant pipe work and condensate drains piping with fiberglass and rubber insulation are also undertaken. Also, aluminum cladding works are done for plant rooms, ducting and pipe work with utmost neat and clean finish. All kind of ventilation systems are done including, domestic and industrial extraction systems. The major specialization being centrifugal and axial extracts fans, kitchen extract fans and car park extract and ventilation fans.


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Building management systems (BMS)


The building management system (BMS) plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of a building, as it controls and monitors all mechanical and electrical equipment. We offer comprehensive BMS solutions by supplying and installing components from leading manufacturers. Our services encompass the installation and wiring of BMS controls, including direct digital control (DDC) panels, variable frequency drive (VFD) panels for air handling units and pumps, and valve actuators. We ensure seamless integration of all equipment with the main panel, enabling centralized control and monitoring. With our expertise in BMS installations, we optimize energy efficiency, enhance occupant comfort, and facilitate effective management of building systems, contributing to a well-operational and sustainable building environment.


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In response to the increasing emphasis on energy conservation and the UAE’s renewable energy vision, we have expanded our services to include Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). Collaborating with our trusted partners, we offer a holistic solution focused on delivering high-quality solar projects. Our goal is to ensure optimum performance and longevity, providing you with years of reliable solar energy generation. By leveraging our expertise and industry partnerships, we strive to deliver solar installations that meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and durability, contributing to a sustainable and greener future.


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